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D.C. Yuppies- S2 Ep.1 “Shady Beginnings”

OK so I generally beef with everything DC because I’m petty with no common sense. But after my homie “Ed Smack Adams” posted about his single being added to their sound track I decided not to be petty & check it out. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I also realized I need to go back to season 1 to find out what the fuck is really going on. It was shot very well, the music is dope & graphic design is professional. However the acting is a little dry. Their are alot of characters, but it seems like everyone is trying to be cool verses embodying a character. Otherwise I liked it. I will try & get a few people to watch it with me so we can do a podcast on it!! I can’t wait to see where this goes! if you want to get all the details please go to

Errin gives Jordan and LaNay her blessing on their relationship, but it doesn’t go as expected; Rob moves to LA and Jordan and Moe throw him a farewell party; Kallandra meets a new co-worker.

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