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Bmore Than Dance: The Y Not Lot


Baltimore has so many forms of art hidden in between neighborhoods. Uneek, CEO of Bmore Than Dance, gives urban dancers from all walks of life an opportunity to join in and express themselves to the public through dance.

Baltimore dancers come and sign up for battles against their peers or just to show off their newest moves. Many of these dancers stick to their roots, the Baltimore club dance style, while others venture out into different forms of street dancing such as: dub step, popping, flexing, ankle breaking, tutting, and bone breaking. Some dancers express their versatility and creativity by merging a lot of the various styles together!


Uneek hosts many popular dance competitions for the Baltimore street dancers. Some of these competitions include: Battle Ghrounds, King of Baltimore, Queen of Baltimore, We Run This City, Gauntlet, and a few others. Supporters of the Bmore Than Dance community is rapidly growing outside of the city and many club pop artists lIke TT The Artist and Rye Rye have shown great interests with the dancers by inviting them to tag along and perform backup while on tour!


If you just so happen to be in the neighborhood and see the dancers “going off” at the Y Not Lot on North Ave -art district, join the crowd, clap along with them to the steady beat, and watch these dancers show some of Baltimore’s best kept artistic secrets!

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