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In this ever changing business of entertainment artists have become busier than ever creating more content for the fans whose hunger has become insatiable. Management is overwhelmed adapting & maintaining to massive opportunities in new business deals, promotional opportunities & countless media platforms  needing to connect with their talent. Each level becomes harder to establish & maintain momentum that will generate the income needed to build & sustain artists business. Their are countless questions to be answered, moves to be made, connections to be established & business to be conducted. How do you know what to do or when? How do you know whats a real opportunity from a fake opportunity? Have you been spending money & not getting anywhere? Then you need to sit down  with us so we can set you on the right path to success!! We offer a sweet of services that can be purchased in part or as a whole. We pride ourselves on consulting with a combined knowledge of 50 years in the entertainment business with staff experienced in every part of the industry to give you right information to keep you moving in the right direction. Check out all services & choose what works best for & your business & lets get started in pushing you in the right direction!!!


Artist Consult Assessment 

No team in the world has ever won without some great coaching!! So why would you go out into the world being as great Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant without equally great coaching to guide your steps? And who better that us to sit with you to set you on the path to success? You may have the great music, good artwork & some wonderful people around you. But how do they all work together to take you to the next level? How do you attack an industry that is bombarded daily with millions of artists just like you who want to get into the game? Let us sit with you & figure out what your steps to success should be. We can quickly identify your weaknesses & strengths to open your eyes to what needs to be changed or focused on. How do you know what to invest in? What stage in development are you as an artist or a label? We answer these questions for you. Lastly we will identify whats missing from your business & whose missing from your business. Once we’ve sat with you we can advise you on what’s next for you as an artist & business. What you should be spend your money on & how to attack the industry to maximize your potential success!!


We cover these items:

  • Image (artwork & artists physical appearance)
  • Staff & management (what everyone should be doing, whats missing)
  • Sonic’s (Mix’s, mastering, DJ needs, ID Tagging etc etc..)
  • Visual Development (How do the visuals work & does it connect with the desired fan base)
  • Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Business Strategy (Do you have one? Is it what you need?)
  • P.R.
  • EPK Development
  • Social Media Development
  • Photo Shoot (1 Outfit/ HeadShots)

We are dedicated to helping identify your problems & strong points so you can take the next steps to success. We also have additional consulting to assist in the execution of your needs. This initial consultation is needed first before we can move forward. Don’t wait till you’ve spent all you money or have put out an album to book us. We can help you save thousands of dollars right away!!! Sign Up Right Now!!!

1 Session 2hours $300.00

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Public Relations


Who has time to find out about every radio station in Baltimore, Look for every blog, or reach out to a ton of magazines and publications who will more than likely not respond. How do you as an artist break through & reach all the power players who can get your music into rotation? Thats simple!! Let us do it! Why? Because we already have great relationships with all the media outlets in Baltimore city & we can get your music heard by the right people & acquire the interviews & sit downs you need to build your public profile. We also work with many organizations around Baltimore & the DMV that would be excited to have new artists come out to perform or be apart of great events! If you have a project out now, this is the perfect service to get your music out to larger movements asap!!

Intial Consult w/ E-Blast

We sit with you to determine who you want to target, when & how you want launch. Then we send an e-blast out to the people you want to sit with or address with your music, links, book or content you want to promote. We even promote parties, festivals & events!!


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Book Interviews Now

Are you read to go on a serious press run? Have an opportunity to sit down with real radio personalities, TV personalities & blogs? We will line up 10 interviews for you & have one of our agents escort you to each interview to make sure you are interviewed, the music is played & you get pictures for social media!! We will also make sure the email blast is sent out as well to all our associate stations, blogs, TV stations & websites.

Shows we book For:

  • Raven Paris: Love The Culture Radio
  • Industry Weekly
  • Shuggamama Radio
  • Radio Onfire
  • Crown Radio
  • Chakelet 360
  • DTLR Radio
  • Rep Yo Grind
  • OGRadioDMV
  • 66 Raw
  • DMV Heat Network
  • Cut Throat TV
  • Deep Cover TV
  • Real Music DVD
  • DMV The Basement

And we service many many other stations around the DMV. Other stations outside of Baltimore city will have an additional cost for booking & travel time.


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Photo Shoots

Your physical appearance is essential to companies & consumers buying into what you have to offer. Superstars have carefully crafted appearances to attract the fans that love their music!! You can do the same. We offer packages to help you on each level of your development.

Level 1 Basic Shoot

Your entry level shoot is super basic. You need these for album cover development, press kits & P.R. people to send around so blogs, websites, record labels & media people know what you look like. This is the best thing for artists working on a budget. We do 1 shoot location in studio with a white back drop so it’s easy to crop for fast editing. (Your graphic designer will love you for this)

Shoot Includes:

  • Professional Location
  • Photographer Provided
  • 1 hour Shoot
  • 1 look
  • Maximum 4 People in Shoot
  • 2 photos touched up (Head Shot/ Body Shot digital only)
  •  20 photos max emailed to customer (digital only)
  • 72 hour turn around


[paypal id=”17″ text=”Buy Now” product=”shoot1″ email=”” price=”175.00″ currency=”USD” quantity=”1″ type=”buynow” style=”default” target=”_blank” color=”#009CDE”]

Level 2 Fashion Shoot

You want to make a heavy impression on the public!! You want to let people see the most stylish you possible!! We pull out all the stops this time around:

  • 3 Hour Shoot
  • Professional Location
  • Photographer Provided
  • 2 Looks
  • Maximum 4 People in Shoot
  • Stylist Hired to help coordinate your visual appearance
  • 4 Photos Touched Up (Customer Choice for touch Ups)
  • 40 Photos max emailed to customer (Digital Only)
  • Turn around 7 business days


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Book Your Listening/ Product Session With Us

We have great office space that 100’s of people coming through on a weekly basis. Why not use our space to roll out your Brand, product, album or service!! Let our staff setup a beautiful, professional and intimate event that everyone will have a good time in. We include DJ, food, beverages & hunch punch to attract a good crowd so you can get immediate feed back!! We can celebrate your success in a positive and supportive environment!!

What You Get When You Book:

1) 50 Wings
2) 2 Xl Pizza’s
3) 3.5 Gallons of Hunch Punch (Pick two to mix: Vodka, Tequila, Rum, whiskey or cognac) with your choice of punch.
4) 1 case of Water
5) Your Choice of Soda or Juice
6) Live DJ with Sound 3 hours
7) Basic Table Coverings & decorations
8) Our Staff Setups up & breaks down everything!
9) 3 hours of event time. ($100.00 per each extra hour)

Extra’s: Takeover our airwaves too!! Have your party and go live on our station with your own 1 time broadcast for an extra $100.00 Book it now!!

Listening Session