Apple Music, Spotify & TIDAL Are Audio Tested For Sound Quality

The streaming wars are on full tilt, but most of what they’re battling for is market share and revenue. Spotify is still at the top and Apple Music and TIDAL have a lot of catching up to do in terms of subscribers, but when it comes to audio quality, which one is king?

Obviously TIDAL markets itself as “high quality” compared to Spotify and Apple Music, so they should be the undisputed champion in this test, right? The Verge polled some of their writers and conducted a test to see which service they would choose as the best in terms of quality, and the results might surprise you. Out of everyone they asked, there were answers in every direction. Some said Apple Music was shit, others said it sounded the best, and some thought TIDAL had the best sound quality.

They all listened to the music through headphones and weren’t told which service was which, so the experiment would stay consistent and fair across the way. Point is, there was no clear answer. Unless you have crazy hardware, they all sound the same.

The catalog should be what matters at this junction.

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