24hr 2015: Launch w/ DJ Pill & interview with Rickie Jacobs

February 28, 2015 12am began the single greatest moment in my long career. DJ Pill hit those turn tables jamming my favorite records as Will, Pill & I fought off sleep! The 3 of us separately worked 12 to 15 hr shifts the day before with no rest. So we were all scared of whether we could make it 24hrs straight live on air. We were also scared of artists no coming as they promised. It’s not usual for a roaster boasting over 30 artists to drop down to 15 or less quick!! But when the big dawg Rickie Jacob’s walked into the studio & took to our airwaves speaking on strong subjects and making powerful statements that energized the whole night!! This is how you start a 24hr broadcast!! Thank you Rickie Jacobs!! We love you!! #Pause

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